07-03-16_brocnoodchicken.jpgWhat appealed to me about this recipe from All Recipes? I think egg noodles are fun. My two-year-old child seems to love any form of chicken right now, and is also a big fan of broccoli (and the thought of using the frozen organic stuff is such a relief for me). And all that cheese! Wow, you can never lose with that stuff. Finally, one big casserole dish always tells me that this is a comforting, no-frills meal.

I customized this recipe to yield 4 servings. I liked making the thick white oniony sauce; I used vegetable bouillon broth instead of chicken broth. I used two-and-a-half chicken breasts, which I cut into small chunks and sauteed in some vegetable oil. When they were cooked and cool enough to handle, I shredded the pieces to add to the casserole.

The resulting casserole was so magnificently tasty. My audience couldn’t stop raving about it.

RECIPE: a casserole worth making again and again
let it sit assembled until you’re ready to put it in the oven; then, it’s just 20 minutes
cheesy and creamy

It’s time for some fish, don’t you think so? I want to cook “Salmon with Tomatoes” from the Allrecipes.com site. Check my blog on Saturday, April 21, to see what happens with my version.