07-04-01_0928_pastaolives.jpgI’m always tempted by an easy -- yet somewhat classy -- pasta recipe. I customized this one from All Recipes for four servings, and my “crowd” (Dave and child), were quite appreciative.

I mixed rigatoni and gobbetti pastas. It was a pleasure to combine all these vegetables: onion, garlic, mushrooms, eggplant, tomatoes, olives. What a great mouth-feel. Instead of chicken broth, I used vegetable bouillon broth. I used 4 oz. of goat cheese (rather than 5 oz.), and it melted in the hot pasta to make a great, tangy sauce. Do try this one.

RECIPE: a nice step away from a humdrum tomato sauce
vegetables/sauce need 30 minutes to soften
great vegetables, tangy goat cheese

My next recipe temptation is another pasta dish from the Allrecipes.com site: “Sausage Bowties with Artichokes.” Come back to this site on Saturday, June 2, to see what happens.