07-04-12_chickenchard.jpgI halved this recipe, printed in the February 14, 2007, issue of The New York Times, to yield 2 to 4 servings (so I used 4 boneless, skinless chicken thighs). I’m often intimidated by the Times’ self-important recipes, but this ingredient list enticed me. I got to use chard, pine nuts, raisins. I replaced the sherry with apple juice.

So here’s where I had trouble: I pounded my small chicken thighs as best as I could between the plastic wrap, but they would only stretch so far. How were they to be rolled up with any amount of the chard stuffing? To remedy this, I chose to purée the stuffing in the food processor, to produce a nice green paste. This is what I rolled into my modestly flattened chicken thighs.

My resulting chicken was tasty and juicy. The raisins and pine nuts in the stuffing produced a nice sweet taste. This recipe went to too much trouble, however, with the pounding and stuffing and rolling with toothpicks. My pureed version simplified everything.

RECIPE: unnecessarily complicated preparation
cook stuffing, pound thighs, cook thighs
sweet and tasty; nice stuffing flavor

Next time, let’s try another recipe from The New York Times (since I’m on a roll): “Classic Shrimp Scampi,” from the March 7, 2007, issue. Come back here on Friday, June 8, to see what happens.