07-04-14_shrimpscamp.jpgI tend to shy away from shrimp recipes, because I’m put off by the amount of time and energy required for deveining and shelling. I found good frozen shrimp, however, that were already prepped. So that did it for me. Melissa Clark, in the March 7, 2007, issue of The New York Times, convinced me to try this.

The initial scent of the butter, olive oil, and garlic signaled the good meal to come. I used vegetable bouillon broth instead of wine. My chosen pasta was egg noodles. This recipe combined sweet shrimp with the buttery taste of the garlic and parsley pasta. A wonderful, risk-free meal.

RECIPE: this is the way to do shrimp scampi, in case you were intimidated
if those shrimp are already shelled, this takes only as long as your noodles cook
silky butter and garlic

Let’s work on a pasta recipe next time: “Greek Pasta with Tomatoes and White Beans,” from Allrecipes.com. I’ll be back here on Monday, June 11, to show you how mine is.