07-05-02_fish.jpgThis recipe, from Cook’s Illustrated E-Notes April 2007, called for 24 oz. of fish to feed four people. I didn’t want to make that much. I used 16 oz. of catfish to feed two (and a half) people. I adjusted the other ingredients accordingly. I looked forward to tackling one of Cook’s Illustrated’s well-executed recipes.

Instead of using “melba toast,” I used crumbs from Ryvita Sesame-Rye crackers. Make sure you remember to season your towel-dried fish with salt and pepper, or else you’ll be short on flavor. I thought that the egg-white mixture could have withstood a little more cayenne pepper, again for better flavor.

A hot oven was necessary (450 degrees), which is a bummer in a hot apartment. I liked using the wire rack on top of a baking sheet -- that was a new fish-baking method for me. The recipe recommends up to 15 minutes of cooking time, but my catfish required 22 total minutes.

RECIPE: a neat way to prepare fish, but by no means the best method
easy and quick enough, though a very hot oven is necessary
you’ll need a boost of seasoning

Next time, I want to cook a good vegetable curry. Let’s try “Vietnamese Curried Vegetable and Coconut Stew,” from 1,001 Delicious Recipes for People with Diabetes. Come back to my site on Saturday, July 14, to see my results.