07-05-17_tofustix.jpgShallots, though cutely petite in their purple firmness, always make me cry when I cut them. Beware of your eyes with these innocent little onions. This recipe, from the April 2007 issue of Gourmet, had me chop 5 large shallots and fry them in my cast-iron pan. These were lovely when fried and golden. This shallot exercise is only one of many prep steps for this recipe. It’s a bit tiresome.

The sauce is caramelized and produces a sweet and tangy accompaniment that makes this dish work. The sauce is the star; the tofu is indeed only the “blank canvas,” as the recipe describes. Surprisingly, you’ll need 10 minutes to adequately fry these innocent tofu sticks.

You should definitely prepare other sides to serve with this tofu, because even though you must spend a lot of time preparing the components of this recipe, the end result are petite tofu sticks. You’ll need more to eat. I also served jasmine rice and bok choy.

RECIPE: great shallots and sauce; too much work for too little reward?
many steps; you must remain organized and calm
sweet and tangy

Shall we work with some fish next time? Sure! Let’s make “Flounder Mediterranean,” from Allrecipes.com. See how mine turns out when you return to my site on Sunday, July 29.