07-05-21_soup1.jpgI was enchanted by the notion of a chicken soup with distinctive flavors of ginger, lime, and soba noodles. This recipe, from the April 2007 issue of Everyday Food, lacked the pronounced lime flavor that I had hoped for (even though I used 2 Tbsp. of lime juice). And why was my soup GRAY? I guess my use of buckwheat soba noodles turned my broth cloudy.

Rather than using chicken broth, as the recipe suggested, I used five and one-half cups of vegetable bouillon broth. I used 1/2 tsp. of red pepper flakes, but this made my soup too spicy. It was also too gingery. I added 4 tsp. of salt, but there was still a flavor element missing from this soup.

RECIPE: needs more concentrated flavors
too much spice, not enough lime

Next time, let’s pursue some fun fish. I’ll cook “Fiery Fish Tacos with Crunchy Corn Salsa,” from Allrecipes.com. Come back to my site on Sunday, August 19, to see how fun my tacos are.