07-08-26_hen.jpgWhen I saw the recipe for “Becki’s Oven Barbecue Chicken,” from All Recipes, I saw the opportunity to finally play with chicken wings (I’ve never cooked them). I’ve always dismissed wings as a bar-snack food. This meal was indeed a sticky, sweet, and moist way to please my diners.

I enjoyed simmering my own “barbecue sauce.” My total baking time was 38 minutes. One regret: I did not use a disposable pan. My baking pan became such a difficult, sticky mess to clean. Use a disposable pan when you cook this recipe. And next time, maybe I should cook 20 wings and have a little football party with this one…

My side dish was “Skillet Potatoes with Olives and Lemon,” from the August 2007 issue of Gourmet. I combined red potatoes with picholine olives, but did not achieve any level of pronounced olive flavor; the strong flavor here came from the half teaspoon of ground cumin. I boiled my potatoes for 14 minutes, then stirred and simmered them for another 2 minutes.

RECIPES: very simple chicken (use a disposable pan); potatoes are fine to try
a total hour for the chicken; half hour for potatoes
fun and sticky chicken; adequate potatoes

Next time, let’s have a soup and salad: “Fish and Corn Chowder,” from Genius Kitchen, and “Tangy Cucumber and Avocado Salad,” from All Recipes. Return to my site on Sunday, November 25, to see how they are.