07-12-25_cookies.jpgI’ve baked three different Christmas cookies this year, and they’re all from All Recipes: “Cream Cheese Sugar Cookies,” “Chewy Coconut Cookies,” and “Raspberry and Almond Shortbread Thumbprints.” All of these cookies were easy to prepare and were delicious.

The sugar cookies were the most work, but may qualify as the tastiest. This dough needed to chill overnight, then rolled out easily enough. Next, the fun was in selecting cookie cutters and decorating with colored, candy sprinkles. Because of my variously sized cookies, I made a total of 50 from this dough. I baked each tray for 8 minutes 30 seconds.

The coconut cookies were sweet and chewy. I dropped teaspoonfuls of dough onto the cookie sheets, as instructed, but ended up with 60 cookies that way. I baked these for 8 minutes.

And then the thumbprint cookies. This was the only cookie of the three that did not include any egg in the dough. Perhaps this is what makes the “shortbread” texture unique; it’s a more fragile cookie with a sandy mouth-feel. With this dough, I made sure to make exactly 36 cookies. Instead of using raspberry jam, I used orange marmalade, and only because I had it available. It turns out that the slightly bitter marmalade worked as a good counterpoint for the very sweet sugar drizzle on top. I baked these cookies for 13 minutes 45 seconds. And that sugar topping was so thick, I needed to thin it with some quick heat in the microwave.

RECIPES: make sure to know the nuances of your oven’s temperatures (install a thermometer); never let your cookies get brown
quick baking; sugar cookie dough must chill overnight
sweet, delicious, fun

Next time, I want to indulge in one more sweet Christmas recipe: my traditional “Pinnulata” (fried honey strips) that I annually make as an homage to my grandmother Carmela and my Aunt Rose. Come back to my site on Friday, December 28, to have a glimpse at this treat.