07-10-29_chickn.jpgThe idea of “Spicy Stuffed Chicken Thighs,” from Allrecipes.com, sounded so exciting to me. I do enjoy the tasty dark meat of chicken thighs, and when they are “boneless,” the opportunities seem endless. Well, let me say, I was unable to physically “stuff” these pieces of meat. Just couldn’t do it. Instead, I rolled them around their stuffing. I made other adaptations to this recipe, but the result was a moist and tasty dish that my toddler loved.

Rather than making a “spicy” dish, I chose to take a “sweet” route, in the interests of my toddler. This was a wise choice. So, instead of using hot sausage, I used Applegate Farms organic sweet Italian chicken and turkey sausage. I sprinkled the raw thighs with a generous amount of salt before cooking. The surrounding peppers, onions, and tomatoes provided a great flavor for the chicken. I cooked these “rolled” thighs for 55 minutes.

07-10-29_side.jpgI also cooked a side dish of “Mellow Millet,” from Light and Easy Diabetes Cuisine, by Betty Marks. I used KaMe canned, sliced, and peeled water chestnuts. I added 2 tsp. of salt and 1 tsp. of pepper to this recipe. I used vegetable-bouillon broth instead of chicken, but the resulting millet was a bit dry. My toddler liked the millet as well.

RECIPES: make this chicken for an appreciative audience; millet needs more broth
chicken takes more than an hour; millet is half that time
moist and delicious chicken; millet, as always, is a good rice/pasta sensation

Next time, I want to make “Oat Soup,” from Allrecipes.com (what a crazy idea!), along with “Turkey Ratatouille Chili,” from The Best Diabetes Cookbook, by Katherine Younker. Do return to my site on Sunday, January 6, to see how these turn out.