08-01-04_stirfry.jpgThis recipe, from the September 2007 issue of Everyday Food, includes all the attractive qualities of a great dish: easy and quick to prepare, as well as delicious to eat. Do try to use udon noodles, as they are hearty and have a great mouth-feel. I was also attracted to using the napa cabbage -- always a fresh, crunchy path to cruciferous happiness -- in addition to the frozen, shelled edamame, which resemble firm lima beans. Do look for the edamame in your market’s freezer.

Your stir-fried chicken will acquire a great texture, thanks to its coating of cornstarch. This, I believe, is one of those coveted “Chinese-restaurant secrets.” Red onions are always a pleasure to eat. Buy yourself that bottle of rice vinegar, to keep in the back of your refrigerator. Try serving this meal to a whole bunch of people. Pass around the chopsticks and enjoy the chatter of happy diners.

RECIPE: this is so easy and delicious, it’s a relief to cook it
boiling noodles plus stir-frying adds up to less than 30 minutes
textured chicken, firm soybeans, pleasant Japanese vinegar/soy flavors

I’m on a new mission with my next recipe choice. I want to cook “Macaroni and Cheese,” from the December 2003 issue of Vegetarian Times. As I bring my toddler to restaurants, ordering the mac & cheese off the kids’ menu is usually a guaranteed success. It’s time for me to cook it at home. Return to my site on Monday, February 11, to see if it’s worth the trouble (or if I should just go out to the restaurant again!).