08-02-01_shrimp.jpgI was enticed by the notion of a hearty shrimp soup, with this recipe from Allrecipes.com, and was pleased with my tasty and beautiful result. The rice was perfect. This is a soup you should make for a crowd. I prepared a version to yield 4 servings. First, let’s address this “adobo seasoning.” A site called GourmetSleuth.com defines this seasoning as, “A Latino spice mixture used in various countries including Mexico. A typical “purchased” mixture may include garlic, onion, Tellicherry black pepper, Mexican oregano, cumin and cayenne red pepper. Use as a rub on meats prior to grilling or frying or use in taco meat mixtures. Although dry, prepared mixtures are available, the traditional versions would be made from dried chilies, fresh garlic, oregano, tomatoes, onion, cumin, vinegar and sugar.”

I failed to search well enough for a proper adobo seasoning mixture (and did not attempt to assemble my own). Instead, I purchased a “Mexican seasoning” dry spice mixture from my Food Coop, and this worked well. I’m sure it included many of the necessary flavor elements. My initial sauté of the peppers, tomato, and onion was for 3 minutes. When I added the rice to the pot, I cooked the soup for 30 minutes. I added 4 tsp. of salt to the finished soup.

08-02-01_pudding.jpgAnd now for dessert! This recipe, again from Allrecipes.com, presented itself humbly to me as “a creamy chocolate pudding using tofu.” Well, why the hell not! I made this knowing that tofu gets to shine when it’s used in this manner. I used regular organic milk, rather than soy milk. This pudding was so easy to prepare. You’ll notice there’s no added sugar, so it’s not too sweet at all. This may baffle regular pudding eaters. But once you get beyond that, you’ll enjoy this good, creamy dessert. And the kids will too.

RECIPES: make a beautiful soup for a crowd, then dazzle them with a creamy chocolate pudding
soup in less than 1 hour; chill the pudding for 1 hour
your seasoning (adobo?), along with garlic and tomato paste, will define your soup’s flavor depth; the pudding won’t be sweet, but it will be smooth and chocolaty

Let’s have some more fun with our next recipe. I want to make “Garlic and Artichoke Pizza,” from Allrecipes.com. Return to my site on Tuesday, February 26, to see how it works.