08-02-03_pizzaa.jpgGenerally, I avoid making pizzas in my home, because they require such a high oven temperature, my apartment gets smoked and fire alarms ring. Also -- I admit -- I’m intimidated by the thought of making a pizza dough from scratch. However, I saw this cute recipe, from All Recipes, and noticed that the oven temp was “only” 450 degrees. So I immediately decided to opt for a prebaked crust, and take it from there.

I found a sourdough wheat pizza crust from Berkshire Mountain Bakery. This worked perfectly fine for this pizza. It was interesting to boil the garlic in the jarred artichoke marinade -- and quite easy too. I used a 1 lb. mixture of Colby and Monterey Jack cheeses. This was a lot of cheese! I believe the recipe could really tolerate half this amount of cheese and still be fine.

I cooked my pizza for a total of 16 minutes, and I did indeed produce a bit of smoke in my kitchen. However, I was very pleased with the hearty and delicious, cheesy indulgence that came from my oven.

RECIPE: do make this; it’s easy and fun and no one will deny enjoying the cheese
grating the cheese takes the most time
warm, melting, delicious cheese, with that great touch of artichokes-garlic-tomatoes; yum!

Next time, I want to cook “Indian Style Chicken with Apples,” from All Recipes. See the recipe and return to my site on Friday, February 29, to see how mine turns out.