08-02-08_chickrice.jpgFirst, allow me to apologize to my large, devoted, and patient audience for enduring the lapse of recipes in the last two weeks. We shall now resume our food fun. Finally, we’ll discuss “Indian Style Chicken with Apples,” from Allrecipes.com. I customized the recipe to make 4 servings. The recipe promised a “spicy yogurt sauce with apples,” and it sounded odd enough to interest me. Thanks to the red curry paste, this is indeed a spicy dish (almost too spicy). Unfortunately, the onion, apples, and yogurt fail to “cool” the dish enough. I served this dish with brown rice.

I used only half of the 1 Tbsp. of red curry paste, which is a combination of chili, garlic, and lemongrass, among other spices. And like I said, this was still too spicy. Rather than chicken broth, I used vegetable-bouillon broth. The use of cinnamon in the dish intrigued me, and it did lend an interesting taste element to the food. If you can tolerate the spice in this recipe -- or else tone it down even further -- this is a nice (quick) chicken dish to make.

RECIPE: try this recipe if only to make a meal with apples and cinnamon
if you make rice too, you’ll eat in an hour
cinnamon, spice, chicken

For my next recipe, I need to use some more of this yogurt. I’ll try “Grilled Salmon with Avocado Dip,” from Allrecipes.com. Return to my site on Saturday, March 15, to see how this works.