Citrus Scallops III was satisfied with the smooth, flavorful sauce that I achieved with “Citrus Scallops II,” from All Recipes. I give taste credits to the 2007 Argentinian sauvignon blanc that I used in the mix. I served it over couscous for a winning meal, using 1 lb. of scallops for a 4-serving yield.

I wanted a salad accompaniment, and found an adequate one with the “Asparagus and Smoked Salmon Salad,” also from All Recipes. I don’t mind an excuse to use smoked salmon. Our Spring asparagus has been beautiful, so this was a pleasure to boil and eat. I used walnuts instead of pecans (try any nut!). Red leaf lettuce is so great; I’ll label it as my “favorite lettuce of the moment.” I used a bottled vinaigrette, rather than assemble my own. Anything will do.

RECIPES: cook scallops once in a while, you’ll enjoy their variety; make a salad
scallops (and couscous) and salad could be completed in 30 minutes
lemon, butter, and white wine give you silky, tasty scallops; you should customize a marvelous salad

Next time, let’s enjoy what I hope is a crowd-pleaser: “Rustic Sausage Pasta,” from All Recipes. Once more, I’ll use sweet Italian turkey sausage. Return to my site on Thursday, May 29, to witness the magnificence.