I do enjoy the guilty pleasure of a recipe that combines the convenience of frozen food with the satisfaction of fresh vegetables. The “Tortellini Vegetable Soup,” from The Complete Diabetes Prevention Plan, was such an easy, tasty soup that my toddler loved. I used less than half an onion, two fistfuls of baby carrots, four mushrooms, and three-quarters of a zucchini. Once again, I used my immersion blender to mix some of my soup in the pot, rather than transferring it to a blender.

The tortellini star of my soup show was the Putney Pasta Mushroom & Gruyère Tortellini. Obviously, a key factor for making a great soup is to include a decent tortellini. Don’t use junk. I added 2 tsp. of salt to my soup and we ate it in less than 45 minutes.

I always look to Nava Atlas for recipes that are very simple, very healthy, and very full of flavor. The “Roasted Eggplant Curry with Tomatoes” was a delicious and spicy way to prepare roasted eggplant. I added 15 oz. of canned great northern beans to my mix, for a nutritional boost. I did not use the suggested fresh hot chili (in the interest of my toddler’s palate). Instead, I used the ever-potent Chili Garlic Sauce from Huy Fong Foods, as an optional condiment. Always use this stuff with caution! An innocent dollop atop your curry will knock you out with spiciness. I used curry powder rather than garam masala, and I added 2 tsp. of salt to the curry, to wake up the flavor. If you appreciate the deep flavor of roasted eggplant -- along with a spicy kick -- try this curry.

RECIPES: an easy and beautiful soup, paired with a smoky/spicy curry
you’ll need an hour or more to prepare this meal
how good is your tortellini? how spicy is your curry?

I want to continue with this soupy/stew direction. Next time, I will make a “Gypsy Stew.” Return to my site on Tuesday, July 8, to see what happens.