I’m often enticed by the notion of combining sweet and savory -- such as the combination of chicken and apples in the “Fusion Chicken,” from All Recipes. I customized my yield for 4 servings. I combined all the dry spices together -- the ground black pepper, dried oregano, garlic powder, and ground nutmeg -- then sprinkled half on the chicken breast strips for the first 5 minutes of cooking and the other half for the second 5 minutes. My chicken was pleasantly moist.

I used granny smith apples. For my green tomatillo salsa, I used Salsa Xochitl Asada Verde. I liked the sweetness of the apples and onion, mixed with the tanginess of the vinegar and salsa. I added 2 tsp. of salt to my finished dish. My toddler enjoyed this chicken, although without the addition of the spicy salsa.

I also cooked the “Curried Rice,” from Light and Easy Diabetes Cuisine, by Betty Marks, which was a nice accompaniment to my chicken, with great curry color. I used vegetable-bouillon broth rather than chicken broth. The curry powder did make the rice spicy. The recipe included restrained ingredient amounts, even though the yield was for 6 servings. For instance: a mere 1 Tbsp. of raisins, 1/2 cup peas, and 6 hazelnuts. A definite exercise in composed cooking.

RECIPES: chicken is blandly colored, but tastes pleasant; the rice makes the plate pretty
chicken can be done in 30 minutes; rice will take 45 minutes
sweet tangy spice of chicken is given another kick by the curry spice of the rice

Next time, I want to prepare what I hope will be a great summertime meal: “Grilled Fish with Tropical Relish,” from DrWeil.com, along with “Black-Eyed Susan Salad,” from Allrecipes.com. Come back to my site on Monday, July 14, to witness my rainbow of flavors.