Isn’t it great to “barbecue” indoors (as long as it’s not too smoky)? I enjoyed the indoor notion when I saw the recipe for “Indoor BBQ Chicken Skewers,” from Genius Kitchen. I was also attracted to the idea of using a “store-bought” barbecue sauce. I used Annie’s Naturals Organic, which provided a sweet, tomatoey flavor. I did not use the suggested metal skewers for this preparation. Instead, I pre-soaked six 8-inch bamboo skewers; these worked fine. It was easy to prepare the chicken chunks and toss them with the sugar-and-spice mix. I decreased the cayenne pepper amount to 1/4 tsp., in the interest of my child’s palate.

I covered my baking sheet with a layer of aluminum foil, before placing the wire rack on it (this made cleanup easier). There was plenty of sauce for basting. The resulting texture of my kabobs was lightly charred and pleasing. And the cream sauce -- a nice accompaniment -- was tangy. These kabobs were definitely quick and easy to make, and were indeed fun to eat.

It seems like I’m always collecting recipes for potato salad, even though this is admittedly a dish that we can all throw together without many rules. The “Old Fashioned Potato Salad,” from All Recipes, includes hard-boiled eggs and sweet pickle relish, and that’s all I needed to be seduced. I used three Yukon Gold potatoes, which I boiled for 17:30, and two hard-boiled eggs. I used red onion, Dijon mustard, and Cascadian Farm Organic Sweet Relish. The inclusion of “garlic salt” always confounds me. Instead, I added a pinch of garlic powder. And rather than “celery salt” I added celery seed, which I’ve used with great success in potato salads before. I added 2 tsp. salt and 1/2 tsp. black pepper to my salad. The eggs and relish provided a great, crowd-pleasing sweetness to this dish. It indeed fulfills all your expectations for such a side dish. Enjoy this one.

RECIPES: do include kabobs, such as these, in your repertoire; always make a fantastic potato salad
soaking bamboo skewers takes the most time, eat kabobs in 30 minutes; it’s always OK to make a potato salad ahead of time
sweet, tomatoey, charred chicken with a sweet potato salad

Next time, I want to cook “Zucchini Parmesan,” from All Recipes. Return to my site on Saturday, October 11, to see what happens.