Salmon Cakes and Green Bean & Potato SaladThe recipe for “Salmon Cakes with Lemon Yogurt Sauce,” from the August 2008 issue of Gourmet, asks to use 1 1b. of actual salmon fillet (rather than, say, canned salmon), giving these cakes the “crab-cake treatment,” as was described. This approach appealed to me, as well as using torn pieces of pita bread (rather than, say, breadcrumbs), for another change of pace. I admit being initially worried about the dryness of the pitas, but everything pulled together perfectly; the mayonnaise and the egg provided the ideal amount of “glue” for these salmon cakes. I cooked the cakes for a total of 7 minutes.

My salmon cakes were perfectly flavored and textured. I was exhilarated by them and should make them often. The yogurt-chive sauce added a wonderful level of tanginess to the cakes. Do make this recipe, and dazzle yourself and your diners (and it’s so easy!).

I also made the “Green Bean and Potato Salad,” from All Recipes, customized for 5 servings. What a lovely cool salad this was. The balsamic dressing was thick and sweet and sharp. The red onion addition was great, and the potatoes were perfectly cooked. This was a low-stress, make-ahead salad of enjoyable textures. It’s a fine way to serve your vegetables.

RECIPES: you’ll feel like such a clever cook when you make these delicious salmon cakes; the cooked and cooled salad will be admired and appreciated
you can pull this meal together within 30 minutes
fresh salmon in moist, yet firm, cakes, seasoned perfectly with coriander, cayenne, and lemon (a great joy to eat); the salad’s dressing is ideal for the perfectly cooked potatoes and green beans

Next time, I want to remain within the August 2008 issue of Gourmet, and try the “Pressed Chicken with Yellow Squash and Tomatoes.” I’ll also try the “Orange-Fennel Salad,” from All Recipes. Come back to my site on Thursday, December 4, and see what happens when I press a chicken!