Okra GumboThe simple ingredient list for “Okra Gumbo,” from All Recipes, appealed to me, as did the “single-pot” cooking method. I served the gumbo over white rice. The pleasant vegetable textures were easy to eat. The tomato sauce thickened perfectly, and no harsh spices got in the way of my young child’s enthusiasm. We loved this gumbo!

I sauteed my garlic/onion/pepper for 3 minutes, until tender. When I added the canned diced tomatoes and their liquid, I added some extra water. Remember, file powder is a seasoning made from the ground, dried leaves of the sassafras tree, used to thicken and flavor gumbos and other Creole dishes. I don’t use it too often, so it was a nice treat. I cooked my stew at a low flame for 35 minutes.

When I made my roux, I cooked it for 3 minutes. I added another 1 tsp. salt to the final gumbo. As I said, this gumbo’s thickness was perfect, the textures were great. As long as you like okra (and why shouldn’t you?), this gumbo is for you.

RECIPE: simple ingredient list, frozen okra, file powder
PREP TIME: cook your rice while you cook your gumbo and you could eat in an hour
TASTE: okra and mushrooms in a thick tomatoey goodness

I now have the urge to make kabobs. Next time, I’ll prepare “Yummy Honey Chicken Kabobs,” from All Recipes, along with “Roasted Beets, Apples, and Fennel,” from All Recipes. Come back to my site on Tuesday, May 5, to witness my sticky mess.