Spaghetti with Sweet Sausage & CabbageI’ve made a great meal, celebrating the marvelous sweetness and textures of “Spaghetti with Sweet Sausage and Cabbage,” from the November 2008 issue of Everyday Food, and the fantastic crunch and butteriness of “Classic American Garlic Bread,” from the September 1999 issue of Cook’s Illustrated. My young child enjoyed the onion/cabbage/sausage combined with the semolina durum spaghetti that I used. One head of green cabbage equaled 2 lbs. I used sweet Italian turkey sausage, with great success. I browned my smashed sausages for 9 minutes, doubling the amount of olive oil in the skillet (remember, turkey sausage has far less fat than pork). I added 1 tsp. salt and 1/4 tsp. black pepper to the sliced cabbage and cooked it in 13 minutes.

Once I combined the cooked pasta with the cooked cabbage and sausage, I added 1 cup of the pasta-cooking water to the pot. I also added another 1 tsp. salt and 1/4 tsp. black pepper. The harmony of ingredients here made this a very pleasurable dish.

I halved the recipe for the garlic bread, using half a loaf. I toasted my garlic cloves in a skillet for 8 minutes. My 500-degree oven produced a bit of smoke as it toasted -- and slightly charred -- my bread. But this was indeed a neat way to make this toast. I produced a crunchy bread, spread with garlicky butter and cheese.

RECIPES: sweet onion, cabbage, and sausage create a delicious family with spaghetti; if you make a great garlic bread such as this, you’ll have a great party
PREP TIMES: you can eat spaghetti in 45 minutes; garlic bread takes less than 30 minutes
TASTES: pasta is sweet and silky, with the warm kick of your added black pepper; enjoy garlic, butter, and Parmesan cheese, melted into your crunchy toast

Next time, I’ll switch to some fish and soup. I’ll make “Fish Cakes with Coleslaw and Horseradish-Dill Sauce,” from the January 2009 issue of Bön Appetit, along with “Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Soup,” from the February 2007 issue of Vegetarian Times. Wow! Let’s see what happens with these when you return to my site on Thursday, May 14.