Honey-Teriyaki ChickenEverything on the ingredient list for “Honey-Teriyaki Chicken,” from the May 2009 issue of Everyday Food, appealed to me. The recipe did indeed produce idyllic chicken thighs -- crispy in spots, moist meat, and great taste. The chicken was delicious hot or cold (leftovers).

I cooked my chicken for 37 minutes -- as instructed on a foil-lined baking sheet -- but learned that a disposable tin tray would have served much better. A 475-degree oven is very hot and produced a lot of smoke in my apartment. It’s best, at the end, if you could just throw away the charred baking tray. Dave really liked this dish.

Quinoa Salad with Fresh Hearts of PalmWhen I first discovered the recipe for “Quinoa Salad with Fresh Hearts of Palm,” from the May 2009 issue of Gourmet, I was interested in pursuing the fresh hearts of palm (only available fresh, I learned, in either Florida or Brazil) or the suggested chayote substitute (out of stock at my Food Coop).

Still adamant about making this salad, I bought a lovely daikon radish, which I successfully peeled into thin slices and added to the lovely flavor combination in my final salad.

The instructions for the quinoa preparation were quite particular, here. I’ve made this grain many times in the past -- and continue to adore it -- but these directions seemed especially exacting. I followed the specific guidelines for washing, draining, boiling, draining again, steaming, and standing the quinoa. The result? Perfectly fluffy quinoa for a salad. Do follow your instructions!

Soaking the red onion was a nice way to make it taste milder. It didn’t have its raw “sting.” The simple dressing proportions produced a silky mix. This salad was easy to eat, showcasing the crunch of daikon and the fresh greenness of parsley. We liked it.

Chicken Thighs (3 lbs.) = $6.42

RECIPES: “honey-teriyaki” and chicken thighs are perfect (messy) partners; quinoa salads should appear often in our menus
PREP TIMES: you could pull together this meal in less than one hour
TASTES: honey + rice vinegar + soy sauce + garlic + ginger = happy chicken thighs; fluffy quinoa, mild/sweet onion, crunchy daikon, and fresh parsley combine in a thoughtful, winning salad

My next meal will be “Vegetarian Gumbo,” from the May 2008 Vegetarian Times, along with “Salt and Garlic Bagel Chips,” from Allrecipes.com. An odd combo or an eclectic triumph? Let’s see, when you return to my site on Tuesday, November 17.