The October 2009 issue of Everyday Food featured recipes under the banner of “Cheap Cuts Made Great.” The recipe for “Apple-Braised Turkey Thighs” allowed me to try this cut of meat for the first time and asked me to dedicate 2 hours to cooking it. Was it worth it? Well…that is indeed a long time for cooking a bird (so I believed), but we did enjoy the results, which were as sweet as applesauce.

My Dutch oven is always a comfortable place to cook in. Instead of using chicken broth, I used vegetable-bouillon broth with my lovely apple cider. My four apples managed to melt after cooking for 2 hours, so I had only the sauce left to serve my turkey with. I added 1 tsp. salt to the sauce. These thighs were nice, the sauce was sweet, and all smelled warm as it cooked (as on Thanksgiving).

I also made the “Curried Greens,” from, interested in its mix of spice (curry powder) and sweet (tomatoes, brown sugar), as well as its inclusion of potatoes in the mix. My chosen “green” was purple kale. I opted to use 2 Tbsp. curry powder and fresh, chopped cherry tomatoes. At the end, I seasoned with 2 tsp. salt and garnished with parsley instead of cilantro.

What I admit after making this dish is: I didn’t need the curry! My 2 Tbsp. curry powder was too much; the greens were too spicy and were difficult to enjoy this way. Ultimately, I imagined the dish without any curry at all, and I enjoyed that image.

Shallots (2) = .41¢
Purple Kale (1 lb.) = $1.67
Russet Potatoes = $1.04

RECIPES: try a long cooking exercise with turkey thighs; eat your greens (but skip the curry?)
PREP TIMES: two-and-a-half hours for turkey (wow); 30 minutes or so for greens
TASTES: sweet applesauce flavor kindly wraps around the moist turkey thighs; greens are fabulous without the nudge of curry, I’m afraid.

Returning to the same October 2009 issue of Everyday Food, I will next cook the “Leek, Bacon, and Pea Risotto.” Come back to my site on Saturday, April 10, to witness the results of this meal.