Phobias regarding chicken meatloaf are widespread. We fear the bland and the tasteless. And yet, I was pulled into the preparation of the “Unbelievable Chicken Meatloaf,” from Recipezaar. It wasn’t bad! It was sweet and kid-friendly. Admittedly, it would have benefited from a nice gravy. I suggest you drizzle your favorite on this loaf.

Grinding the carrot and onion in the food processor pulverizes them into a moist mass that gently colors the loaf orange. These vegetables, along with the inclusion of ketchup, make a sweet loaf. I ground chicken breasts in the food processor too. Meatloaf tends to be a coveted leftover food, so let your kids enjoy a cold sandwich the next day, with ketchup, of course.

I also made the “French Potato Salad,” from Cuisine at Home. I doubled the recipe to make 4 servings. Was it just another potato salad? The distinction here was the use of lovely fresh tarragon. The distinct perfume of this herb provides a unique pleasure. Simply, this salad was a delight to eat.

Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts (1 lb.) = $4.99
Carrot (1) = .25¢
Onion (1) = .75¢
Red Potatoes (1 lb.) = $1.12
Green Beans (8 oz.) = .90¢

RECIPES: an adequate meatloaf shares a plate with a sparkling potato salad
eat the meatloaf after 2 hours of prep and cooking; the potato salad will be ready in 30 minutes, but it’ll wait and can be eaten cool
TASTES: ground chicken is sweetened by carrot, onion, and ketchup, while tart and sweet potatoes and green beans are massaged by the fragrance of tarragon

Next time, I want to make a casual summertime menu that includes “Omelette Rollups,” from, and “Root Beer Baked Beans,” from the July 2010 issue of Bön Appetit. Share my fun when you come back to my site on Saturday, August 7.