I’ve made wonderfully moist and flavorful “Maple Apple Turkey Burgers,” adapting the recipe from allrecipes.com, to use ground turkey instead of ground chicken. My burger déjà vu points to my recipe past, when two years ago I made a “Juicy Chicken Burger,” which also incorporated apple and a sweet and tangy sauce. Apparently, my burger taste preferences are consistent.

The formula for the burger’s “special sauce,” here, is simple and it works: mayo/syrup/mustard. Instead of using a Granny Smith apple, I used a Candy Crisp, which is a sweet New York apple, similar to a Golden Delicious in appearance, with crisp yellow flesh and the aroma of a pear. As I sauteed the chopped apple and onion, I eventually added a hit of salt, in order to “caramelize” the mix. After this, these burgers are all-to-easy to assemble and cook. They required only 4 minutes per side in the frying pan. Done. And delicious.

As a special side dish, I also made the “Broccoli Cheese Casserole,” from simplyrecipes.com, halving the portions in order to provide 5 side servings. This was a creamy casserole, sharply cheesed by my white Canadian cheddar. I used 1 lb. frozen broccoli without any guilt. My smoked duck bacon was “lightly browned” in 2 minutes 30 seconds. I added 1 tsp. black pepper to the egg, flour, cream, milk, salt, mustard, and cheese. My casserole baked for 34 minutes, until it set. When you taste this one, you’ll realize this isn’t your everyday casserole. It’s a special one.

Onion (1) = .56¢
Candy Crisp Apple (1) = .38¢
Cheddar Cheese (4 oz.) = $2.41

RECIPES: discover how syrup + apple + turkey = moist burger and celebrate sharp cheddar’s role in creamy broccoli’s showcase
eat your burgers after less than an hour of prep and cooking; the casserole requires the same amount of attention
TASTES: caramelized onion/apple and a sweetened sauce are great on the juicy turkey/apple burger; sharp cheddar and bacon are big-league players in the broccoli-casserole field

Next time, I will explore the magical impact of dukkah: an Egyptian blend of toasted nuts, spices, and herbs, as a crunchy coating for the “Honey Dukkah Roasted Pumpkin & Tofu,” from veggienumnum.com. And while I enjoy this vegetarian path, I’ll also make the “Roasted Asparagus with Garlic, Lemon & Thyme,” from noobcook.com. See my fantastic meal when you come back to my site on Monday, January 31.