True: this quiche is eggless. Yet, the “Spinach and Red Chard Quiche,” from All Recipes, was cheesy and full of tofu and green stuff (spinach and chard). It’s even got some weird additions, like curry powder, capers, and ground cardamom. The end result, in fact, was very much like “creamed spinach,” and we all liked it! My youngster ate every crumb, and that, of course, is the highest triumph.

I heated my organic whole-wheat 9-inch pie crust for 5 minutes, until lightly brown. Then, I duly assembled the other components, steaming the greens, sauteeing the onion for 3 minutes. Instead of using oyster mushrooms, I used a mix of maitake and button mushrooms. No problem. It was satisfying to create the tofu/parmesan mixture in the blender, then pour it into the vegetable-filled pie crust. My final pie was creamy and charmed by its bit of nutmeg.

And then, I took my leftover Chinese takeout rice and made the “Bacon Fried Rice,” from Burt Wolf’s Menu Cookbook. This was a good excuse to cook and eat bacon. Plainly, if you like bacon, you’ll like this rice. My small dining group ate this, easily. Once you scramble your eggs into your rice, I believe you’ve got a guaranteed winner.

Spinach (1/2 lb.) = $1.82
Red Swiss Chard (1/2 lb.) = $2.07
Onion (1) = .24¢
Bacon (1/2 lb.) = $5.08

RECIPES: the meal says “unconventional”: a creamed-spinach pie and a bacon fried rice
the pie needs more than an hour of prep and cooking; the rice is a quick bacon-fry and stir-fry
TASTES: spinach and chard are “creamed” with tofu and parmesan, mixed with some whimsical mushrooms, and topped by defiant cheddar cheese in a pie; bacon + eggs + rice = nice

Next time, I’m cooking the “Chicken and Cavatelli Soup,” from Are you familiar with this frozen ricotta pasta? If not, it’s time you tried it. Come back to my site on Monday, March 28, to witness my soup.