Have you ever fathomed tea broth? I hadn’t, until I saw the recipe for “Udon Noodles in Tea Broth with Smoked Turkey,” from Healthy Delicious. Earl Grey tea lent a welcoming flavor to this soup’s broth, and paired well with what the smoked meat had to offer. In my quest for a smoked turkey leg, I stopped short at a smoked duck breast, and regret nothing. Everyone at my table enthusiastically slurped.

Dave’s first comment here was: “Nice broth.” It was the kind of soup that makes you stop and notice. You’ll luxuriate in that smoked meat, and appreciate the perfection of bok choy in your bowl. Most notably, perhaps, is how the texture of udon noodles -- silky and strong -- is perfect for soup. The most ideal noodle for soup? I want to say yes. I used salt-free vegetable-bouillon broth, and needed to add 2 1/2 tsp. kosher salt to my pot. Make this soup proudly. You won’t have a drop of leftovers.

Smoked Duck Breast (.59 lb.) = $8.35
Carrots (3) = $1.33
Shiitake Mushrooms (8 oz.) = $3.87
Bok Choy (1.3 lb.) = $1.76

RECIPE: a thoughtful soup, to elicit admiration in a slurping chorus
enjoy soup after 45 minutes of prep and cooking
TASTE: Earl Grey tea, smoked duck, and bok choy enhance this soup, while silky udon noodles twirl like perfect ribbons

Next time, I want to cook “Thai Eggplants and Chickpeas in Peanut Masala,” from Fat Free Vegan. See how pleasant this meal is, when you come back to my site on Monday, May 16.