Honestly, if you’ve got a stand mixer, there’s no reason not to make the “Black and White Chocolate Chip Clouds,” from Skinny Taste. They’re too easy and too beautiful. Notice the short ingredient list, here. I’m sure you can’t mess these up!

Another appealing factor for these dreamy “cloud” cookies is they’re low fat. We’re dealing only with a few chocolate chips. After you allow the stand mixer to beat the soft peaks, just fold in those chips. I formed 21 cookies with my batter, and baked until dry for 55 minutes. My cookies were a little crispy, sweet, and crumbly, with the surprising treat of chocolate chips within. Quite dreamy

RECIPE: a cookie, like a cloud, is breezy and easy
an hour or so to prep and bake, then time to cool completely
TASTE: bite into a crispy puff of sweetness, and be kissed by chocolate chips

Well, that was very fun. Next time, I’ll get back on track (!) and cook a “Vegetarian Guinness Stew,” inspired by thekitchn.com, along with “The Best Baked Spinach,” adapted from Julia Child’s Spinach Gratin with Cheese, as imagined by smittenkitchen.com. Oh boy. Come back to my site on Monday, May 30, to witness my meal.