Always a frittata fan, I made the “Oven-Baked Broccoli and Potato Omelette,” from Effie’s Food Corner, knowing that we’d all enjoy it. It’s an ample dish, made with crowd-pleasing potatoes. My preparation was made even easier, when I used good, organic frozen broccoli, instead of fresh.

I fried my potato cubes for 13 minutes, using more than the suggested 1 Tbsp. olive oil. I added the pepper and onion and cooked for another 7 minutes. I even threw in a splash of water, to loosen the fried stuff from the pan. I added 1 1/2 tsp. kosher salt and 1/2 tsp. black pepper to this. My bacon was then browned in 10 minutes.

I did opt to sprinkle some Monterey Jack cheese on my frittata, after 22 minutes of baking. Then, I baked for another 22 minutes, before we could all devour it. This is, what I’d call, a “no-fail” recipe.

I also made Yotam Ottolenghi’s “Broad Bean and Herb Salad,” to once again enjoy fresh fava beans. All the textures in this salad were great. I do adore barley and preserved lemon and fresh herbs. The stars of this dish were the fresh mint and the goat cheese. Fava beans are easily overshadowed, but knowing they’re in my salad seems to make me happy enough. The recipe asks for a sprinkling of pink peppercorns, but I managed to include a multi-colored mix.

Russet Potatoes (2.74 lbs.) = $2.27
Green Bell Pepper (1) = .92¢
Yellow Onion (1) = $1.31
Baby Lettuce (1 head) = $1.61
Goat Cheese (2.9 oz.) = $1.27

RECIPES: a no-fail frittata and a winningly textured salad
eat the frittata after 90 minutes of prep and cooking; assemble the salad after the barley cooks for 30 minutes, the fava beans simmer for 2 minutes, then must be popped from their skins
onion, pepper, potatoes, bacon, eggs, cheese equal satisfaction, always; fragrant mint and tangy goat cheese sparkle with barley and fava beans

Next time, I’ll post an installment for my recent trip to London, showcasing what I ate and drank there. Come back to my site soon, to read my travel diary.