Call it “morbid curiosity”? When I saw the recipe for the “Fugi Salad,” at, I was intrigued by the use of instant ramen noodles. I never use this convenience food (the notion of “instant miso broth” still freaks me out), yet it’s truly far from being an outright evil convenience. There’s no “junk” in the ramen that I used. In this salad, the ramen noodles are crumbled and used raw, adding an enjoyable crunch. This is an appealing salad that I do recommend.

I toasted almond slices and sesame seeds in butter for 3 minutes; that’s the extent of the “cooking” for this salad. I used crinkly savoy cabbage, and used a single scallion with three garlic scapes (more of these to come in the next recipe). Thanks to the use of some white sugar, this salad’s dressing is sweet and vinegary. You’ll like this one, I’m sure.

At the start of summer time, I’ll always buy a heap of garlic scapes when I see them at my food coop. And then they’ll keep in my fridge for a long time, while I chop and sprinkle them into many of my summer recipes. I do like using them raw (they’re less abrasive than raw garlic) and I do like cooking them. I took a shortcut with the recipe for the “Garlic Scape Tart,” from, by using a pre-made organic whole-wheat pie crust. This pie was cheesy enough and eggy enough to be totally appealing.

I needed only 9 scapes to equal 1 cup sliced. The call for using “fresh ricotta” is definitely justified, here. I found a delicious ricotta from Narragansett Creamery. The recipe asks to use “lemon thyme,” but I substituted fresh oregano and a splash of lemon juice. No problem. This pie was too easy to make (since I used a pre-made pie crust!), and my young child would have eaten the whole pie if allowed to. Obviously, the garlic scapes were not too sharp for a young mouth.

Savoy Cabbage (.92 lb.) = $1.07
Garlic Scapes (.67 lb.) = $1.55

RECIPES: uncooked noodles add crunch to a cabbage salad, and fresh ricotta adds wow to a garlic pie
how long does it take to chop a cabbage? And if you use a pre-made pie crust, the pie will bake in 30 minutes, then sit at room temperature until you decide to eat it
sugar and rice vinegar ably dress cabbage, crunching with almonds and raw ramen; creamy fresh ricotta makes a garlic pie delightful

Next time, I will show you the “Fresh Clam Chowder,” that I made from This is in celebration of my recent trip to Nantucket. Come back to my site soon, to see my mini food travelogue.