Here’s my farewell to summer: “Summer Squash and Chive Pancakes,” from, and “Hoppin’ John in the Summertime,” from Eggy pancakes and a crabby rice and bean salad. Not bad.

I shredded my yellow squash with my food processor, then boiled the strips for 8 minutes, until soft. After that, the pancake batter was simple. I made 15 pancakes with this recipe, even though the recipe allotted for 12. My savory pancakes were smooth, soft, and tasty -- like eggs! My youngster really liked them.

I also made the “Hoppin’ John,” even though we’ve all had the rice/bean salad many times over. This one, however, included lump crabmeat, which I found to be exciting. In fact, I used a whole pound, rather than just one-half pound. And while I was at it, I doubled the quantity of dressing (lemon juice, olive oil). I don’t subscribe to using “rice mixes,” and instead cooked a bit of brown rice and a bit of wild rice, to equal approximately 1 1/2 cups total. So, going into this recipe, I knew I had to be patient with the wild rice; it required no less than 55 minutes to cook.

Yes, the final salad was good and crabby. The raw red onion, I’m afraid, was a bit too strong for my audience.

Yellow Squash (1.67 lbs.) = $1.89
Black-Eyed Peas (15oz. can) = $1.61
Red Onion = .21¢
Green Bell Pepper = .18¢
Tomato = .97¢

RECIPES: goodbye summer!
eat pancakes after less than an hour of prep and cooking; wild rice needs and hour to cook
smooth, savory, eggy pancakes are moistened by yellow squash; rice and beans are the textural stage for a crab showcase

And, perhaps as a “summer supplement,” next time I’ll cook the “Strawberry-Sage Muffins,” from See my sweet treat when you return to my site soon.