I like making stuffed peppers: they’re pretty and I can fill them with any pleasant food that I want. The recipe for “Couscous and Cremini Stuffed Bell Peppers with Manchego” made me think of Israeli couscous, which is that large pearl couscous that might remind you of the taste/feel of orzo pasta. And the lure of Manchego cheese is too strong for me to ignore.

This recipe, from lemonsandanchovies.wordpress.com, allowed me to assemble the couscous filling ahead of time, then fill and bake my beautiful peppers later: quite a relaxed way to make such a pretty dish. Instead of stirring in fresh mint, I used basil. No penalties there. I did learn, here, that the wonderful Manchego should be grated before topping the peppers, this way, it’ll melt evenly. Enjoy these stuffed peppers.

I also indulged in the “New England Fish Chowder,” from soupchick.com. Indeed, a pricey soup to make at home for only two-and-a-half people, but how lovely it was. My youngster adored it. You know I treasure my Dutch oven, and I happily used it to make this soup.

The potatoes, cod fish, and cream provided the right amount of “creamy” for this chowder. I added an extra 1 tsp. kosher salt at the end. And you know I topped it with those crispy bits of bacon. Treat your diners to this excellent soup.

Bell Peppers (2) = $1.19
Cremini Mushrooms (7) = .63¢
Onion (1) = .40¢
Yukon Gold Potatoes (.89 lb.) = $1.10
Clam Broth (1 qt.) = $7.72
Cod (30 oz.) = $18.03

RECIPES: mushrooms, olives, and couscous make a fab pepper stuffing, while an honestly creamy fish chowder satisfies the masses
assemble the pepper stuffing in less than 30 minutes, bake the stuffed peppers for 30 minutes; prep and cook the chowder in less than 45 minutes
nutty Manchego cheese tops peppers filled with smooth couscous, mushrooms and sharp olives; creamy chowder includes pleasing chunks of soft potatoes and cod

Next time, I’ll be excited to try the “Japanese Cotton Cheesecake,” from droolfactor.wordpress.com. Curious? Come back to my site soon, to see what I do with it.