The recipe for “Farfalle with Golden Beets, Beet Greens, and Prosciutto,” from the October / November 2011 issue of Fine Cooking, is a brilliant masterpiece -- a silky mix of everyone’s favorite pasta shape (bow ties!), sweet beets, and that sweet perfume of white wine. Not to mention the special salty perk of prosciutto snips and a generous amount of grated Parmigiano-Reggiano.

It was easy for me to choose this recipe, when I saw beautiful bunches of beets in my food coop. Here was a smart reason to use the lovely beet greens. You know I treasure my Dutch oven -- another plus for this recipe. My onions were tender in 14 minutes. After adding my broth (I used vegetable-bouillon broth instead of chicken), wine (a 2009 Argentinian Torrontes), and fresh thyme (instead of rosemary), my liquid evaporated in 22 minutes. I always swoon over that grassy scent of thyme as it simmers. I did pour about a cup of the pasta water over the final combined dish, to keep it moist. Make this dish and you’ll gulp it down.

Golden Beets (2 bunches) = $3.94
Onions (2) = $1.14
Prosciutto (6 oz.) = $10.88
Farfalle (1 lb.) = $1.61

RECIPE: perfection = easy + delicious
set aside 90 minutes for prep and cooking
beets, olive oil, and white wine bring a sweetness; prosciutto and parmesan bring a salty complexity

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