Here’s a guaranteed treat: fun to make and fun to eat. The “Spinach Pizza Rolls,” from the December 2011 issue of Everyday Food, allow you to use pre-made pizza dough, which is all-too-convenient. This recipe is a hands-on pleasure -- sloppy, slapping, flattening, squeezing seams of dough.

Frozen spinach, ricotta, and parmesan make an appealing stuffing for these pizza rolls. The herbed garlic oil that you’ll brush over the tops of your assembled balls smells so great as these bake in the oven. The extra parmesan sprinkled on top is magical, too. After puffing and baking for 30 minutes, the balls are slightly crisp, like pizza edges. Easy to eat and perfect dipped in tomato sauce. Have a party with these.

Pizza Dough (15 oz.) = $1.43

RECIPE: another fun thing to do with pizza dough
have your pizza-roll party after less than one hour of prep and cooking
inhale garlicky pizza dough, while you bite into satisfyingly cheesy spinach

Next time, I hope to make a champion meal. I will make the “Potato, Cheese and Mushroom Pie,” from The Daily Spud, along with the “Escarole Salad with Provolone, Warm White Beans and Prosciutto Crisps,” from Three Many Cooks. Come back to my site soon, to see my big meal.