How ridiculous, I thought, when I first saw and dismissed the recipe for “Reese’s Stuffed Oreos,” on Cookies and Cups. Look at that blogger’s site and you’ll see recipe after recipe of outrageous combinations of sugar and frosting and candy. And this particular recipe wouldn’t leave my head. I kept turning around and looking back. So, I did it. I made these sweet, lovely, chocolatey things, and the true danger is now knowing how easy it is.

I used Newman’s Own Organics’ Newman-Os and Peanut Butter Cups -- that makes this “health food,” right? Only kidding. I melted milk-chocolate chips in my microwave, only until they were just softened. If the chocolate were any hotter -- bubbling, boiling -- it would melt my peanut butter cups! So I inelegantly dipped my decadent sandwiches in the melted chocolate, and let them sit and set on a rack. I even put them in the refrigerator after that, worried that they’d be too soft. But they need to come out of the fridge for a bit before you eat them.

My first bite told me that these confections were important. These were special. I needed to savor, and move on to a higher level of consciousness.

RECIPE: are you haunted by these, like I was?
try to be calm as you separate your Oreos, crush your blank halves in the food processor, assemble your sandwiches, then microwave and dip them in chocolate; then WAIT while they set
peanut butter cups + Oreos + chocolate = no further explanation

Alright. Let’s exhale and move on. Next time, let’s see what happens when I try to make the “Classic Posole,” from the January 2012 issue of Bön Appetit. It should be a soupy celebration of pork and hominy. Come back to my site soon, to see it.