I need not be coerced into a risotto: the scent of the evaporating white wine in the pot is enthralling enough to make me happy to keep stirring. The “Parsnip, Sage & Mascarpone Risotto,” from Delicious Everyday, was thick, pleasant, and creamy, thanks to the mascarpone and parmesan cheeses. We enjoyed the spinach and the sweet carrotness of the parsnips.

This thick risotto required my using all of the vegetable stock (4 1/4 cups). My chosen wine was a 2010 California chardonnay, which “all but evaporated” in 3 minutes. I needed to stir my risotto for approximately 12 minutes (not so bad!), before it was done. I admit getting a kick out of frying extra sage leaves. They smell like the woods. Like winter. I added 1 1/2 tsp. kosher salt to the risotto at the end. This risotto was kid-friendly, and why wouldn’t it be? Creamy, with appealing spinach and sweet parsnips.

Parsnips (1.94 lbs.) = $3.86
Baby Spinach (5 oz.) = $3.33

RECIPE: a risotto designed for cheese lovers
eat risotto after less than an hour of prep and stirring
chardonnay and sage are woodsy, parsnips are sweet, mascarpone and parmesan melt into creaminess

Next time, I will work with two favorites again. Pork, in the “Thai Quivering Tenderloins,” from All Recipes, and farro, in “Camino’s Fried Farro with Dark Greens,” from Off the Menu: Staff Meals from America’s Top Restaurants, by Marissa Guggiana. See my yumminess when you come back to my site soon.