Pies please people. Present a pie to your dining party and it will always placate and soothe the group. Bacon does this too. I made the “Corn and Bacon Pie,” from Five And Spice, knowing that I would be loved for it.

The shape of a pie will also make the chef proud, even if you use a frozen pie crust, as I did here. You’ll prove to yourself that you are thoughtful enough to form your food into a pie shape, rather than just making a usual heap of grub. And it’s easy! I used frozen corn kernels as yet another shortcut.

I added 3/4 tsp. kosher salt and 1/4 tsp. black pepper to my onion/pepper/corn mix. I used milk instead of cream, and was so happy to include cheddar cheese. There’s a lot of bacon here. This pie does need an hour in the oven, but you’ll still feel relaxed and satisfied once you get to serve it.

Onion (1) = .56¢
Green Bell Pepper (1) = .33¢

RECIPE: guaranteed dinner-success fallback: keep a pie crust in your freezer
dedicate at least 90 minutes to prep and baking
bacon + corn + eggs + cheese = a perfect pie

Next time, I will allow my cheddar cheese to lead me to the “Shrimp and Asparagus with Cheddar Grits,” from the October 2005 issue of Fine Cooking. Witness my magnificence when you return to my site soon