Moist & Thick.” These are the key teasers to an ideal meatloaf, and I’ve made many in my blogging years, from dry to juicy. The “Turkey Meatloaf,” from the Berghoff Café cookbook, by Carlyn Berghoff and Nancy Ross Ryan, fulfilled the turkey promise of “moistness.” The barbecue sauce and finely chopped veggies made this loaf sweet and nice to eat.

Ground meat and eggs are standard meatloaf ingredients, as are breadcrumbs (I used less than 1/2 cup of crumbs to thicken this meat mix). I increased the salt to 1 tsp. I went ahead and chopped some red bell peppers, onion, and button mushrooms in my food processor, in order to get a fine pasty mince. This worked well when blended into the meat mix. And as I’ve beamed before about the merits of meatloaf preparation: it’s too easy to dump your mixture into your loaf pan and then bake. I baked this one for 57 minutes, until “cooked through but not dried out.”

Now for an impressive -- yet unfussy -- twist on the “peas & carrots” combo, I also made the light and airy “Festive Carrot Ring,” from Three Many Cooks. com. How could I not try this experiment?

Cooked carrots and onion were pureed in my blender with eggs and milk. Then, lovely cheddar cheese and breadcrumbs were stirred into the mash. I greased my bundt pan with vegetable shortening. And I defrosted some lovely frozen peas. Brilliant!

Ground Turkey (2 lbs.) = $18.84
Mushrooms (.19 lb.) = .55¢
Carrots (1.5 lbs.) = $2.00
Onion (1) = .77¢
Sharp Cheddar Cheese (3 oz.) = $1.15

RECIPES: another moist and thick turkey meatloaf, and a double-take on peas & carrots
allow 90 minutes for meatloaf prep and baking; carrot ring also needs 90 minutes (don’t rush it)
ground turkey + barbecue sauce + minced veggies = meatloaf moistness; imagine peas and carrots whipped into a cake with cheddar cheese

Next time, I want to be thrilled by a dessert: the “No Bake Cookies,” from This should be fun. Come back to my site soon, to see what happens here.