What’s the appeal of a firm, cheesy, and creamy “cake” made of spaghetti? Well…what’s not to like, I say? I thought to make Jamie Oliver’s “Special Spaghetti Cake” in an 8-inch spring-form pan, to achieve a deep cake. Of course, we all enjoyed the somewhat imposing tower of noodles. I appreciated the flavor of the sun-dried tomatoes throughout.

Convert your metric ingredients, if you must. You’ll need 20.25 oz. of double cream, which is richer than heavy/whipping cream, but heavy cream is what I defaulted to in my Brooklyn kitchen. Notice the flexibility of cheeses: use a total of 7 oz. I was pleased with cheddar and brie. Instead of using a fresh red chili, I used half a bell pepper, keeping this kid-friendly. You’ll need 5 oz. of jarred sun-dried tomatoes, easy to chop up with kitchen shears. And use less than a pound of spaghetti: around 14 oz. is right.

Oven temperature needs to be 356 degrees F. I coated my spring-form pan with butter and baked this cake for 57 minutes, to achieve the “crispy top.” I did indeed serve this with a fresh green salad, as was suggested. I believe you can overcome the “guilt” of eating this eggy/cheesy/creamy indulgence by promising to do it only once in a while…

Cheddar Cheese (.29 lb.) = $3.20
Brie Cheese (.30 lb.) = $1.29

RECIPE: a treat for spaghetti fans
two hours of prep and baking
cheese triumphs, perfumed by sun-dried tomatoes and sage

Next time, I want to indulge in “Brigit Binns’ Crab Cakes,” adapted from Williams-Sonoma Hors D’oeuvre, along with the “Crunchy Peanut Slaw,” from theKitchn. Come back to my site soon, to observe my slipping grip on summertime…