Summer time is zucchini time, around here. And I couldn’t be truly happy until I made use of these cute “roly poly” zucchini and the recipe for “Eight-Ball Zucchini with Eggs Baked Inside,” from theKitchn. Simple to prepare, fun to look at, and easy to eat. We loved the whole eggy mess.

I bought six of these darling zucchinis, so I adjusted the recipe accordingly. A regular teaspoon scooped out the zucchini flesh, which I then seasoned with 1 tsp. kosher salt and 1/2 tsp. black pepper in the tomato sauce. I baked the zucchini shells for 25 minutes first, until they were tender. Of course, the baked egg atop each zucchini steals the show, but it’s the bold goat cheese that wins the flavor contest. Yes, you should make these. Hurry.