Shall I rename my blog: A Dutch Oven’s Greatest Hits? Just kidding. But here’s another good slurping stew, the color of saffron sunshine. Jacques Pepin’s “Chicken Bouillabaisse with Rouille,” from the July 2012 issue of Food and Wine, was a winner with flavorful chicken thighs and gamy lamb merguez sausage, which I opted to use instead of kielbasa. This stew became extra-special when a dollop of garlicky rouille sat on top.

Let me tell you about this rouille. Here, it’s a spiced mayonnaise, thickened by some cooked potato pieces and stew broth in the food processor. I used smoked paprika instead of cayenne, in the interest of my young child’s palate. The rust-colored sauce easily complements the saffron yellow of this stew. Its garlic punch is potent.

Another ingredient swap I made was to use fresh marjoram instead of tarragon. Both herbs are wonderful, of course. There was no harm in using the more-assertive marjoram. It smells like a spicier oregano. Make this stew for people you like, with its swirl of spices and saffron. Enjoy all those sensations of the perfect French stew as it cooks: the scents of white wine and tomatoes and fennel seeds. Chicken, sausage.

RECIPE: Dutch oven, over and over again, I love you
eat stew after 90 minutes or more of prep and cooking
potatoes, chicken and sausage are bathed in lemon, saffron, fennel seeds, herbes de Provence, and white wine, while a garlicky, smooth rouille is like the icing on the cake

Next time, for another quick glimpse back at the summer that’s just past, I’ll show you the “Summer Plum Crostata” that I made, from the August 2012 issue of Food and Wine. It’s a beauty. Come back to my site soon, to see this.