The “Summer Plum Crostata” from the August 2012 issue of Food and Wine, was pitched as a rustic summer tart, in the Italian fashion of a pastry crust filled with jammy fruit. I overcame my pastry anxieties -- hey, just flour + sugar + salt + butter + ice water! -- and marveled at the results of the science. Temperature + time + technique = age-old pastry perfection. Truly. I was even clever enough to make four mini tarts rather than one big one. Soft, buttery, and fresh.

Approach this recipe calmly, and you’ll be fine. Follow the assembly and chilling rules for the dough. This works. The plums cook until they are just a bit jammy, but they’re not horribly sweet. I was really full of self-congratulation here, as I ate a delicious tart.

Friar Plums (1 lb.) = $1.78

RECIPE: how easy to make a fresh fruit tart
more than 2 hours of chilling dough, rolling, filling, baking, cooling
soft, buttery pastry surrounds baked plums that are just-sweet-enough

Next time, I want to cook the “Pesto Chicken Tart,” from theKitchn. See what happens when you return to my site soon.