Rose-Water Shortbread CookiesAllow me to get a little sweet. I made the “Rose-Water Shortbread Cookies,” from the June 2013 issue of Bön Appetit, because they asked for rice flour and rose water and poppy seeds. I don’t typically get these ingredients in my cookies. Also, ground cardamom plays a role here, with its dreamy fragrance.

This is a cookie dough that needs to chill overnight. Are you patient enough to handle that?

Baked in a low-temp oven (300 degrees F), you’ll have cookies in 25 minutes. “Shortbread” is a sweet and crumbly cookie, featuring butter and sugar and flour. These, indeed, do. They’re sweet, but not too dense. The rice flour, the powdered sugar, make them melt in your mouth. They’re gone, in fact, before you realize what really happened. Rose water? Was that just a fantasy?

PREP TIME: chill dough overnight in fridge, bake in 25 minutes
rice flour and powdered sugar are subtle, cardamom and rose water are perfumes, poppy seeds are always fun

Next time, I’ll be cooking the “Steak and Mushroom Kabobs,” from Kalyn’s Kitchen, along with the “Garlic Scape Pancakes,” from PBS Food. See my triumphs when you return to my site next week.