Spaghetti Squash Fritters with Sriracha MayonnaiseNow that we’re swimming in autumn’s ocean of winter squash, I’m ready to splash around with a spaghetti squash. The “Spaghetti Squash Fritters with Sriracha Mayonnaise,” from the October 2013 issue of Cooking Light, puts together patties with squash that’s softened in the microwave, wilted spinach, a slight amount of breadcrumbs, and a bit of egg-white glue. The microwave shortcut with spaghetti squash feels like a break from the other option: roasting. But you’ll still dedicate 20 minutes to microwaving and 10 minutes to standing.

Another step here is prepping the spinach. Rather than wilting it in a skillet, I also microwaved my washed spinach in a big bowl for about 90 seconds. That’s too easy. This recipe’s steps are simple to pace.

I put together nine patties (rather than 10). Over medium heat, my patties needed much longer than six minutes to brown. I was patient. We enjoyed the sweet squash fritters, matched with the thin sriracha dip.

Toasted Farro and Scallions with Cauliflower and EggLook back in my history with farro and you’ll see how I always win with it. It’s the chewy, Italian, hulled-grain wheat with the mellow, nutty flavor: heartier than rice and quinoa and impossible to ruin. The “Toasted Farro and Scallions with Cauliflower and Egg,” from the January 2013 issue of Food & Wine, cooks the farro like risotto into a creamy, perfectly seasoned, thick stew. I needed five cups of vegetable stock (rather than four) and a bit more than 30 minutes to achieve “al dente” farro.

I admit I could not pull off the “soft yolk” stunt with the four-minute eggs. But we were fine with a complete fully cooked egg atop our farro. Yummy toasted cauliflower, too.

Spaghetti Squash (2 lbs.) = $2.50
Baby Spinach (8 oz.) = $5.33
Cauliflower (1) = $4.95

PREP TIMES: dedicate an hour or so to microwaving the squash (and spinach), and prepping and frying the fritters; risotto and cauliflower needs this much time too
sweet squash + spicy mayo; creamy farro + toasted cauliflower

To continue celebrating the season of pumpkin and winter squash, next time I’ll cook the “Afghan-Style Pumpkin Turkey Meatballs with Yogurt Mint Sauce,” from The Perfect Pantry, along with the “Wild Rice and Acorn Squash Salad,” from Macheesmo. Come back to my site next week, to see what happens.