Orange Creamsicle White Chocolate Chip Softbatch CookiesWelcome to cookie time! So far, this year, I’m on a steadfast path of butter, sugar, eggs, and extracts, using the motorized engine of my standalone mixer (with its paddle attachment!). Here’s how I made four cookie recipes in a single day.

It’s all about pacing, of course. First things first: the butter for the first three recipes needs to be softened, so make sure to set that out.

The “Orange Creamsicle White Chocolate Chip Softbatch Cookies,” from Averie Cooks, required the most time, because the dough/cookies needed a few hours in the fridge, before they baked. I used three extracts with this batch: vanilla, almond, and orange. I also used a generous amount of orange zest. Combined with white chocolate bits, these cookies hit it: creamsicles!

Buttered Popcorn CookiesFor the next batch of cookies, I first needed to pop popcorn. That’s right! And it was a first, for me, to add popcorn to a cookie. I dared myself to make the “Buttered Popcorn Cookies,” from Deb Perelman’s The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook, via Love and Flour. This cookie has peaked curiosities ever since the cookbook was published in 2012. So now it was my turn to try it.

It was easy enough to first pop the corn in a big pot, with melted butter and oil. Incorporating the popped kernels into the cookie dough was only a bit challenging. I heaped my messy tablespoons and baked. Done. And what did I have? Exactly what I was warned about: BUTTERED POPCORN COOKIES.

Candy Cane CookiesNext cookie: a re-examination of a cookie I made last year. These are the same “Candy Cane Cookies,” where I swapped out the almond extract for mint extract, but instead of adding artificially colored sugar to get my colors this time, I opted for natural alternatives. This explains my muted tones. Here’s how I did it: I mixed the dough in my fabulous KitchenAid standalone, then removed half of it from the mixer.

I added a couple of tablespoons of matcha green tea powder to one half of my dough in the mixer, and sure enough, it turned greenish.

And here’s how I made some natural red dust: I pulverized some freeze-dried organic strawberries in my food processor! It was that easy. Then, I added enough of my magical red dust to my other half of dough, until my dough became as red as I could get it.

It’s fun to handle cookie dough like it’s Play-Doh. I was certainly proud of this fun cookie.

Peanut Butter Pretzel KrispiesAnd finally, to lapse into complete ridiculousness, I assembled the “Peanut Butter Pretzel Krispies,” from Cookies and Cups. What an indulgent pleasure! See the components: the rice krispies, the pretzels, the butter, the peanut butter, the marshmallows, the chocolate chips. Put the whole sticky mess together and call it dessert. Indeed.

More cookies will come soon to this site. Stay tuned.