Lofthouse Soft Sugar Sprinkles CookiesSo many cookies, so little time. Have I said this already? Here are seven more cookies, all fantastic. The dough for many of these varieties needed to be refrigerated for an amount of time, so, of course, this figured into my baking plans.

I made the “Lofthouse Soft Sugar Sprinkles Cookies,” as described by Averie Cooks, having no knowledge or experience with this California “Lofthouse” cookie manufacturer. Instead, I was pulled in by the ridiculous amount of sprinkles in this cookie. A whopping one-and-one-half cups of jimmies went into the dough! I refrigerated the formed cookies overnight in the fridge. After that, it was easy to bake these the next morning for 9 minutes or so. And what stunning cookies they were. So many sprinkles! So sweet! These soft cookies tasted even better than the big sprinkled bakery cookies that I remember from my childhood.

Key Lime Meltaway ShortbreadLast time I was in Daytona, I bought myself a bottle of key lime juice. Time to finally use it! The recipe for “Key Lime Meltaway Shortbread,” from Cookies and Cups, was right on. I was a bit nervous about their being “very tender,” but there were no problems for me. They held together fine.

I refrigerated this dough for 2 hours, rolled up in plastic wrap and in empty paper-towel tubes. I made sure to patiently wait for the cookies to cool, before I spread a teaspoonful of the sweet lime glaze atop each. Then, I let this soak in and set. An adorable shortbread, indeed. Sour and sweet in a single mouthful.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies with Sea SaltHere’s a cookie dough that did not require refrigeration before baking (so this was easy). The “Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies with Sea Salt,” from Recipe Girl, were a stunning surprise, simply because each bite brings you a peanut buttery, chocolate chipped softened treat, with this final hit of salt, like a last kiss. This is a cookie for young and old to enjoy, for sure.

Ultimate Sugar CookiesNow that my child is nine years old, he’s on a steady path to cookie baking. This year, I needed a foolproof dough that could be rolled out, played with, re-rolled, decorated. And sure enough, I got that dough with Bön Appetit’s “Ultimate Sugar Cookies.” Do refrigerate the dough for a few hours before playing with it.

Not only could this dough withstand heavy handling and lots of sprinkles, it tasted fantastic too. It baked wonderfully sweet and soft.

Christina Tosi's Holiday Cookies & Peppermint MeringuesNext, I succumbed to a dare to make a certain cookie. It’s a cookie with a ridiculous amount of silly ingredients (like candy canes and cornflakes and marshmallows and chocolate chips). The cookie is “Christina Tosi’s Holiday Cookie,” and it celebrates her renown outrageousness. So, I did it and embraced the craziness.

First, I needed to prep the “Cornflake Crunch.” Easy enough, when you have milk powder and butter handy. My stand mixer got a good workout with this dough, with the dough paddle cranking along with all the crunchy, chippy mess. I did make 1/3-cup flattened mounds of cookies from this dough, then refrigerated overnight. Still, they spread significantly when baked.

What I got were these monstrous, ugly cookies. Scary, even. And how do they taste? Well, each bite is like a bite of a candy bar. There’s a lot of sugar here. This cookie is a whopper that demands your attention, your silence, your concentration. Enjoy it, if you dare…

And since I was working with so many candy canes, I crushed some more to make the dreamy “Peppermint Meringues,” from All Recipes (my only gluten-free cookie!). This is a cookie that’s prepped completely in the stand mixer. Just let it spin with the egg whites and sugar until those stiff peaks form. Follow the instructions for the foil-lined cookie sheets. I dusted the tops with candy cane bits. Do bake for 90 minutes. Then, turn off the oven and leave the door ajar overnight. In the morning, the clouds of happiness await. You’ll feel funny taking credit for these lovely things, since you did nothing to produce them, really.

Pecan Butter BallsAnd for a final hurrah, I made the “Pecan Butter Balls,” from Creative Culinary, simply because I need to always see a powdered nut-ball cookie on my holiday plate each year. And this one gave me what I wanted: a silencing mouthful of buttery nuttiness, with that dose of powdered sugar. Like a dream, like a party.

Enjoy all cookies, all year long.