Crab Cakes w/Buttermilk Ranch DressingCan we compare the stress levels for a crab cake and a hamburger? Is this measurable? Both are hands-on patties, the burger’s ingredients perhaps more minimalist than the crab cake (though did you see Hemingway’s “Papa’s Favorite Wild West Hamburger?Whoa!). In the summertime, you’ll find the “pressure” to grill your hamburger. A crab cake, however, is too fragile to sit on a grill. I calmly assembled the “Crab Cakes with Buttermilk Ranch Dressing,” from the April 2014 issue of Cooking Light, and cooked them in a skillet on my stove top. By keeping away from the hamburger grill, I felt tranquil and sane.

Good crab meat is sweet; a real treat. These cakes were just moist enough to hold together. I sat my cooked crab cakes atop marvelous red lettuce leaves. The leaves united naturally with the chives and the lemon in my crab cakes.

And how about the buttermilk dressing? It was a nice tangy surprise, with chives, parsley, and dill doing their tricks. Do make crab cakes soon, I say.

Lemony Couscous w/ChickpeasI also made the ideal side dish for my crab cakes: the “Lemony Couscous with Chickpeas,” from The Humane Society. You’ll feel so great when you zest and juice two lemons. You’ll inhale the summer and the sunshine.

I used the fat Israeli couscous here. Notice the perfect grain/pasta salad formula: couscous + olive oil + lemon + chickpeas + olives + herbs + almonds. And you serve it at room temperature. This formula will always elicit enthusiasm and excitement at your table. People will talk and eat. Parties will ensue. Run with it.

Lump Crabmeat (1 lb.) = $18.89
Lemons (2) = .92¢

PREP TIMES: enjoy your crab cakes after less than an hour of prep and cooking; sing to yourself while you prep your couscous salad -- take as much time as you want
sweet crab, chives, lemon, tangy buttermilk; perfect flavor profile of lemon, olives, beans, nuts, herbs in your couscous

Ready to indulge in some more fabulous red leaf lettuce, next time I want to assemble the “Thai Chicken and Wheat Berry Salad,” from the June 2014 issue of Food & Wine. I’ll also make the “Carrot & Feta Slice,” from Veggie Num Num, because we can eat it cold! Come back to my site next week, to see this fun meal.