Corn PopSummertime! And the blogosphere is full of popsicles. Everyone wants to freeze a mash onto a stick and call it “dessert.” Or, freeze a boozy cocktail! Or, freeze your mashed vegetables! It goes on and on. I want to freeze stuff too. So allow me to occasionally “pop up” with a popsicle.

Last summer, I bought the Progressive Freezer Pop Maker, which includes the base, cover, and wooden sticks to make 10 pops at a time. It’s easy and once you have it, there’s no excuse not to make pops. The only test is maintaining your patience while you wait for these things to freeze.

Let me tell you what I don’t want from a popsicle. I don’t want corn syrup or artificial colors. I don’t want too much sugar. (If I wanted these things, I’d buy popsicles in a box from the supermarket.) I don’t want much fuss.

Take a look at the “Picole de Milho Verde (Corn Pop),” from Jewish Food Experience. The extent of the “fuss,” here, is slicing the kernels off your corn cobs and roasting the kernels in the oven for 20 minutes. Not too bad, right? Now, keep in mind the smell/taste of roasted corn: rich, slightly sweetened. And coconut milk? It’s a fabulous, creamy way to satisfy your mouth.

I more than doubled the amounts in this recipe, in order to make nine pops. My corn pulp was very thick in my blender. Perhaps if I blended the kernels while still warm, they would have “dissolved” more? Either way, make sure to thoroughly strain that pulp, by hand, through your mesh strainer, pressing, pressing.

You’ll eat these. All of them.

Stand by for more summertime pop-ups soon.