Cantaloupe Lime PopsicleHere’s another popsicle.

The “Cantaloupe Lime Popsicle,” from Kitchen Confidante’s Liren Baker at, allowed me to prove that I could pulverize a whole, chopped cantaloupe in my blender, without burning out its engine. Now is prime cantaloupe season, and mine was perfect, ripe, and ready. I did indeed make the necessary “simple syrup” here, soothed and placated by the “simple” assurance. I did pour the entirety of syrup into my blender, and I “eyeballed” a generous splash of lime juice.

The recipe asks to strain the blended mixture. I did not (lazy). The result was uneven freezing, which I do not mind. What I mean, is the heavier liquid (the water, the lime, the cantaloupe nectar) sunk to the bottom of my popsicles (which becomes the top of my popsicles), and the foamy cantaloupe mush floats at the top of my popsicles, now my bottoms. Get it? It’s all good and it all freezes into a complete popsicle. A triumph of cantaloupe on a stick.

Flavor? It’s as good as your cantaloupe, and mine was dreamy. The color, the taste of this popsicle is a summer dream. Enjoy.

Stand by for more summertime pop-ups soon.