Butterscotch Pudding PopsiclesHere’s another popsicle.

In a crowded room, try saying, “Butterscotch pudding,” and see what happens. Notice the “sigh” across the room. It’s warm, creamy, a bit emotional. Now, try freezing it on a popsicle stick. Oh boy! The “Butterscotch Pudding Popsicles,” from Smitten Kitchen, hit the target. My tasters used the “love” word.

First, enjoy the pleasure of making butterscotch on your stove top: heavy cream, brown sugar, butter. After you add the cornstarch and milk, you’ll smell that warm, toasty, butterscotch scent. And marvel at the beautiful tan color. The recipe encourages tasting for an amount of flaky sea salt. I added a bold 3/4 tsp.

The recipe warns you’ll make fewer than 10 popsicles with this batch. I produced seven.

Stand by for more summertime pop-ups soon.